The main issue which is faced by the government in the production of food material, especially rice is the declining fertile wet fields. The declining of this land among others is being used for settlement regions, roads, industrial zones, and others. The amount has kept on increasing from year to year, noted of more than 50,000 hectares of agriculture land have experienced transfer of function to become non agriculture land.

The national consumption of soybean and the capability of producing our soybean are not in balance. The national soybean consumption per year has reached 2.6 million tons. This demand is unable to be fulfilled by the national production which is only 870 thousand tons this year. Meanwhile the average growth in the production of soybean in the last ten years is only 4.06 percent. This condition has made Indonesia to be dependent on imports. Because of this there are serious efforts to increase the production of soybean by utilization of research and technology.

The infertile Insect Technique (TSM) is a method of controlling the vector which is environmentally friendly, effective, and potential. This technique is also mentioned as a control for specific species, which is killinjg the vector by the vector itself (autocidal technique). The technique working method is relatively easy, by irradiating a colony of male insects in the laboratory, then releasing it into the habitat periodically. Due to the release of the insect into the habitat, after some while in the location of the release there will be a decline in the population, which automatically will reduce the number dengue fever patients, because the possibility of mating between the infertile insect and the fertile insect becomes greater from the first generation to the following generation. The effect would be that the fertility of the insect population in the field would keep declining, theoretically in the 4th generation the fertility would reach the lowest point becoming 0% or in other words the number of population of the insect in the 5th generation would be zero/nil.