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Experimental Power Reactor

EPR or experimental power reactor is a nuclear reactor that can be used to generate electricity, heat and to produce hydrogen


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President Jokowi Visited BATAN's Reactor at Serpong

President Jokowi visited the center for multi purpose reactor located at BATAN's Serpong nuclear area

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Collaborating Centre – A recognition from IAEA

BATAN was appointed by the IAEA as an IAEA Collaborating Centre

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Safety and Security

Working with radioactive material requires a high safety and security culture. BATAN has implemented the nuclear safety and security culture accordance with national and international regulations.

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Persembahan BATAN
Reaktor Triga

The main issue which is faced by the government in the production of food material, especially rice is the declining fertile wet fields. The declining of this land among others is being used for settlement regions, roads, industrial zones, and others. The amount has kept on increasing from year to year, noted of more than 50,000 hectares of agriculture land have experienced transfer of function to become non agriculture land.

Besides that other issues like natural incidences like the influence of climate, floods and drought as well as pest attacks and diseases have caused the decline of productivity of land and plants. Besides availability of land, efforts in increasing the national rice paddy production cannot be separated from innovation technology.

For that, the government has given efforts to conduct various breakthroughs in technology to increase production of rice paddy, especially high yielding superior varieties and resistant to pest diseases, which is believed to be capable in increasing the national paddy productivity.

The National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) has important contributions in the field of food research. Through implementation of nuclear techniques, this institution is giving efforts to participate in the responsibility in answering the challenge of the food crisis which is currently being faced by our nation.

One of the prides of the Head of BATAN, Djarot Sulistio Wisnubroto is rice. The nuclear technique could be used for plant genetic engineering and producing superior new varieties. For example with the high production, adaptable to the Indonesian climate condition, short planting period, the quality of the rice is good, fluffy and good tasting.

In the results of research in nuclear science and technology, BATAN is evidently successful. The Bestari variety for example, this variety has been selected as one of the superior creativity of the nation’s children in commemoration of the 2013 National Technology Arising Day.

”The rice is fluffy. The rice beads last much longer. Every day I eat this rice, which tastes better than the Rojolele and Pandanwangi rice,” said Djarot meeting in his office, Jakarta, at some time ago.

Not only rice paddy, BATAN is also developing other food plants, like sorghum, wheat and soybean. BATAN has obtained superior varieties of soybean through the process of research since the year 1977. Through Gamma ray irradiation technique, eight superior varieties of soybean have been produced.

The researchers of BATAN since the years 1996 also have conducted culturing of sorghum for replacing wheat flour. During all this time, the production and marketing of sorghum in the world has been dominated by the United States of America, India, Nigeria, China, Mexico, Sudan and Argentina.

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As a world food material, sorghum possesses benefits like wheat, paddy up to corn. The sorghum beads/seeds could be processed into sorghum rice then could be cooked to become as rice or sorghum porridge. The sorghum flour could be processed into a variety of food menu like noodles  or sorghum cookies/cakes.

”If we go to the supermarket, we have never found any BATAN writings on the packaging of food or drinks. In fact they could be from the results of research of BATAN. BATAN is not allowed in selling and buying of the products. If it has become a variety, it has been released to the private sector to be commercialized,” explained Djarot.

He firmly stated that the people need not worry with the results of research of BATAN which uses nuclear radiation. The reason is that the radiation to the plant genetics does not cause the plant nor plant products to become radioactive in nature. All the results of plant culturing with radiation is safe to be consumed by human beings.

”I eat the BATAN rice every day. If I become ill, it would mean that the rice produced by BATAN is dangerous. But now I’m healthy. There is no problem about that. Because the superior rice produced by BATAN is of course healthy,” said Djarot.