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Experimental Power Reactor

EPR or experimental power reactor is a nuclear reactor that can be used to generate electricity, heat and to produce hydrogen


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President Jokowi Visited BATAN's Reactor at Serpong

President Jokowi visited the center for multi purpose reactor located at BATAN's Serpong nuclear area

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Collaborating Centre – A recognition from IAEA

BATAN was appointed by the IAEA as an IAEA Collaborating Centre

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Safety and Security

Working with radioactive material requires a high safety and security culture. BATAN has implemented the nuclear safety and security culture accordance with national and international regulations.

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Persembahan BATAN
Reaktor Triga

The national consumption of soybean and the capability of producing our soybean are not in balance. The national soybean consumption per year has reached 2.6 million tons. This demand is unable to be fulfilled by the national production which is only 870 thousand tons this year. Meanwhile the average growth in the production of soybean in the last ten years is only 4.06 percent. This condition has made Indonesia to be dependent on imports. Because of this there are serious efforts to increase the production of soybean by utilization of research and technology.

In order to help the government in fulfilling the domestic demand of soybean, the National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) through its laboratory has conducted research and development of soybean superior varieties. In the year 2010, based on the Decision Letter of the Minister of Agriculture No.Kpts/SR.120/7/2010, BATAN has released the Mutiara superior variety, with specification of the seed which is larger than the ordinary soybean. If the ordinary soybean of 100 beads has a weight of 17 grams, meanwhile 100 beads of soybean of the Mutiara variety reaches a weight of 23.2 grams.

Based on the Decision Letter of the Minister of Agriculture No. 4387/Kpts/SE.120/6/2013, BATAN has again released the Q-298 soybean mutant strain as a superior variety, with the name Gamsugen 1 Variety and the 4-Pjs soybean mutant strain as a superior variety with the name Gamsugen 2 Variety.

The superiority of the Gamsugen 1 and Gamsugen 2 varieties compared to the other varieties is a superiority in growth, which the plant growth period until harvest is shorter. If the previous super growth reaches 73 days, the Gamsugen 1 and Gamsugen 2 only needs a growing period of about 66 days. The two varieties have gone through assessments and trial testing during the rainy as well as the dry season in 16 locations. It is expected that the super growth varieties, could become one of the solutions to increase the national soybean production.

According to Arwin, a researcher of BATAN, farmers who usually plant rice paddy, are able to plant the super growth variety in between the harvest periods. Normally in a year the farmers harvest the rice paddy two times. “After the first harvest, it could be planted with soybeans which are relatively faster in growing, before entering the second planting period of the rice paddy,” revealed Arwin.

With the presence of the Gamasugen 1 and Gamasugen 2 superior soybean varieties, farmers obtain an addition from the soybean harvest in between the two rice paddy harvest. ”Farmers besides the additional soybean harvest, at the same time Indonesia is able to fulfill the need of availability of soybean without reducing the paddy harvest. With the planting of soybean in between the rice paddy harvest, it is expected that this will reduce the dependency on import of soybean,” presented Arwin.

If a farmer owns one hectare of paddy field and producing 2 tons of soybean in one harvest multiplied by the price of soybean of Rp. 7,500 per kilogram, the farmer will get about Rp. 15 million. Just imagine, if this country has 7 million hectares of paddy fields, then this will produce 14 tons of soybeans. The results will fulfill the availability of soybeans, in fact Indonesia could be one of the exporters of soybean. People who like tempe and taufu need not worry like now.

Its not only the farmers that get the benefit with the presence of the super growth variety of the Gamasugen 1 and Gamasugen 2, those who like tempe are getting a more delicious tempe. Because compared to the imported soybean which will take time, from harvest then arriving in Indonesia, entering the storage, then distributed to the market. “Tempe businessmen prefer imported soybean than the local soybean. Besides being fresher, the physical condition of the soybean is still very good,” said Arwin once again.

Besides that the farmers which desire to plant this super growth soybean do not worry about pest attacks. Gamasugen 1 and Gamasugen 2 are resilient to leaf rust disease Phakospora pachirhyzi Syd, resilient to spotty/brown leaf disease (Cercaspora), resistant to the insect Melanamagromyza sojac). Another feature of this superior growth variety is that it could be planted in wet paddy fields as well as on dry plains.

The producers and consumers of tempe need not worry with the soybean from the results of gamma ray irradiation mutation. Because the nuclear in a piece of tempe has gone through several phases of research and testing before being released to be planted and consumed.  “The soybean from the results of mutation is safe to be consumed, the same safeness as the products produced by nature. We only accelerate the period of plants until harvest by using gamma ray irradiation,” remarked Sobrizal, senior researcher in BATAN.

Irradiation on soybean is only conducted for the first generation. Then selection and purification is conducted. In the fourth and fifth generation quality testing is conducted. The superiority of the variety would be known after going through testing until the tenth generation until becoming a seed.  “The characteristics of the gamma ray is only passing, it does not stay in the soybean. Different to the transgenic method which inserts a foreign gene, what is worried about is the side effect if consumed,” he exposed.

And in a short time BATAN will also release another result of research in the field of black soybean for soy sauce making. The specialty of the black soybean from the results of research and development in BATAN is that it would be able to produce much soy sauce and the quality is better.

Nuclear Science and technology is not dangerous if used for peaceful purposes and humanity, specifically in helping the availability in the country like the soybean material for tempe and taufu which are consumed.