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Experimental Power Reactor

EPR or experimental power reactor is a nuclear reactor that can be used to generate electricity, heat and to produce hydrogen


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President Jokowi Visited BATAN's Reactor at Serpong

President Jokowi visited the center for multi purpose reactor located at BATAN's Serpong nuclear area

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Collaborating Centre – A recognition from IAEA

BATAN was appointed by the IAEA as an IAEA Collaborating Centre

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Safety and Security

Working with radioactive material requires a high safety and security culture. BATAN has implemented the nuclear safety and security culture accordance with national and international regulations.

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Persembahan BATAN
Reaktor Triga

The increase of productivity in agriculture must be supported by availability of quality superior seeds. Until the end of 2013, the National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) has succeeded in creating 20 varieties of superior seeds.

The quality superior seeds have characteristics of high yields, resistant to plant diseases, the planting to harvest period is short, and the taste is good. The government of Indonesia continues to conduct efforts in increasing agriculture products specifically rice paddy. This is conducted done to assure the national food resilience, in order to achieve the target of a surplus of 10 million tons of rice in the year 2014.

Research and development in application of isotope and radiation technology conducted by BATAN is designed to contribute towards the enrichment of the number of Indonesian national varieties. Until the year 2013, besides the 20 superior paddy variety, also produced are 8 varieties of soybeans, 2 varieties of mungbeans, 1 variety of sorghum and tropical wheat. BATAN intensively continues to conduct research and development for creating new superior varieties.