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Collaborating Centre – A recognition from IAEA

BATAN was appointed by the IAEA as an IAEA Collaborating Centre

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Safety and Security

Working with radioactive material requires a high safety and security culture. BATAN has implemented the nuclear safety and security culture accordance with national and international regulations.

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Reaktor Triga -  (Serpong, 12/8/2015) In accordance to the 2015-2016 CSCA road map, which one of the agenda is to perform stage 2 Nuclear Security Culture Self-Assessment, thus the survey was decided to be done in August 12th, 2015. The same survey was performed by BATAN on 2012-2013 by referring to the draft guidelines of self-assessment methodology on nuclear security culture or called IAEA-NST026. This was mentioned by the Deputy Chairman of BATAN, Dr. Anhar R. Antariksawan in his remarks during the opening of the survey today. Dr. Anhar also added that the stage 2 survey is planned to utilize 4 tools: survey, interview, document review and observation. While the stage 1 survey only used 2 tools: survey and interview. The survey result will give benefits to the employees, officials and leadership in order to determine the improvement measures in the future, based on the culture indicators that was seen negative by the respondents. This stage 2 survey will be reported back to IAEA and will be presented in international forums. 

Added by Khairul, on behalf of CSCA, that IAEA-NST026 Guidelines, will be officially publicized by IAEA at the end of 2015, after being tested through security culture self-assessment in 3 BATAN’s research reactors situated in Bandung, Yogyakarta and Serpong. As suggested by the IAEA guidelines, which the security culture survey should be performed regularly once every 2 or 3 years after the first survey. As the follow up from the stage 1 survey, which has provided many benefits like the improvement of the awareness on security culture, today, stage 2 survey was performed specifically in 3 Working Units (Center) in Serpong Nuclear Area, which are: PRSG (Multi-purpose Reactor Center), PTBBN (Nuclear Fuel Technology Center) and PTLR (Radioactive Waste Technology Center). CSCA secretariat awaits direction from the Advisory Council (Echelon 1) and also Steering Committee (Echelon 2) for approving this survey to be performed in other working units in BATAN.

This stage 2 survey is performed by BATAN Survey Team which stipulated through BATAN Chairman Directive Letter issued on 14 June 2015, where the members are consist of experts coming from cross working units in BATAN and also from Center for Security Culture and Assessment (CSCA). Deputy Chairman, Dr. Anhar as the CSCA Advisor provide direction on how important it is for the employees to understand their roles in supporting the security system since security matters are actually a common responsibility. Through this stage 2 survey, we may obtain information regarding the employees’ opinion on several characteristic of leadership behaviors, management system and personnel behaviors against the security culture implementation. The employees are the spearhead of a successful security management system established by the Management. Assigned as the Coordinator for this stage 2 survey is Drs. Heru Umbara, Head of PPIKSN (Center for Nuclear Strategic Area and Information Utilization) and also member of the CSCA Steering Committee.
In the stage 2 survey, the respondents were coming from 329 employees, which break into 3 groups, which started on 09.00 am until 10.00 am and finished on 2.30 pm.
The heads of the three centers (PRSG, PTBBN and PTLR) emphasized to their employees to support this second security culture survey, the head of the centers also stated that security culture has the same importance as the safety culture. Therefore, the employees play a very important role in the BATAN security system. (kh/CSCA).